Have you ever heard about the city Ardestan?

June 15, 2019

Ardestan is situated in the northernmost of Isfahan territory and in the desert of Iran. It is situated in the west alongside the urban areas of Natanz, Kashan and Aran Bidgol, east of the city of Nain, south of Isfahan and north of the Semnan province.

1 -Jame mosque

Ardestan Jameh Mosque is a recorded landmark in the city of Ardestan, north of Isfahan area. This mosque is situated in the focal point of Ardestan and is perhaps the most established mosque in Iran, the initial two stories mosque in the history of  Islam and the second mosque in the four-Iwan Islamic world that was worked during the Seljuk time.

Ardestan jame mosque

Ardestan jame mosque


2-The monotonous Aqueduct (Qanat)

Two-Level  Qanat: This Qanat is a novel man-made water supply including two reservoir conduits with regular wells in parallel and covering, and for over 2000 years it has provided a part of drinking water of Ardestan.


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