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Qashqai and Bakhtiari nomad tribes are the most important nomads in Iran that spend the summer months in the Zagros Mountains. Before heading to the winter, you can get a taste of nomad life on this unforgettable nomadic tour  in Iran. They are a group of nomad people who travel and move from one place to another along their life with all the family members and all their belongings. Nomadism is the tribal lifestyle and their economy is based on herding. Shifting from one place to another and moving as a large group are the most important aspects of Nomadic life. In this 13-day tour , we prepare a chance to be more familiar with these tribes and see their lifestyle. You’ll also spend some days in Iran’s outstanding cities to relax such as Shiraz, Shahekord and Isfahan. 


Days City-Route Itinerary Must-see sites
1 Tehran
  • Arrival in Tehran
  • Transfer to the hotel
  • Full day city tour in Tehran
  • O/N: Tehran
  • Golestan Palace
  • Iran National Museum
  • Tehran Grand Bazar
2 Tehran



  • After breakfast, check-out from the hotel
  • Drive to Abyaneh Village, in the village you have the chance to get familiar with history, architecture, and anthropology of the area.
  • Drive to Isfahan
  • O/N: Isfahan
  • Abyaneh Village
  • Historical bridges in Isfahan, Si o se Pol & Khaju bridge


3 Isfahan
  • Full day city tour in Isfahan
  • O/N: Isfahan
  • Naghshe Jahan Square
  • Sheikh Lotf allah Mosque
  • Imam Mosque
  • Ali qapu Palace
  • Gheysarieh Bazar
  • Chehel sotoun Palace
  • Vank Cathedral
4 Isfahan


  • After breakfast, drive to Chelgerd
  • Spend a day with an ancient southwestern Iranian ethnic group, Bakhtiari people in Chelgerd
  • On the way, we visit some of the natural wonders 
  • O/N: Touristy Nomad Camps
  • Kouhrang Dam
  • Dimeh Fountain
  • Bakhtiari Tribe
5 Chelgerd


  • Spend time with nomads
  • Drive to Shahrekord City
  • O/N: Shahrekord
  • Sheikh Alikhan Waterfall
6 Shahrekord


  • To get familiar with the lifestyle of another ethnic group in Iran, today we are staying with Qashqai people
  • Enjoying a local lunch in the magnificent countryside of Semiom
  • O/N: Camp in Semirom

  • Stay with Qashqai Nomads
7 Semirom


  • Still around Zagros mountainous, drive to Yasuj city
  • Visit Sisakht village and the landscapes of Dena protected Area while spending time with nomads of this region.
  • O/N: Yasuj
  • Sisakht village
  • Dena Protected Area
  • Spend time with nomads
8 Yasuj


  • Our adventurous journey still continues
  • After heading to Gachsaran
  • Visit the stair village of Marin
  • O/N: Gachsaran
  • Stair village of Marin
9 Gachsaran



  • Drive to Bishapur (historical city),Tnag-e chogan and finally to one of the most charming cities in Iran, Shiraz 
  • Stop at Dasht Arjan Natural area, if you have enough time
  • O/N: Shiraz
  • Bishapur historical city
  • Tang-e Chogan
  • Dasht Arjan Protected Area
10 Shiraz


  • Drive to Marvdasht to visit the ancient Persian masterpieces which are proudly among the UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Come back to Shiraz
  • O/N: Shiraz
  • Persepolis
  • Naghshe Rustam
  • Naghshe Rajab
  • Pasargadae
11 Shiraz


  • In the morning, drive to Farashband Village, Companionship with the Qashqai nomads (Heybatloo)
  • After lunch, we will head to Firooz Abad and visit Sassanid Ardashir Palace
  • Return to Shiraz city in the evening.
  • O/N: Shiraz


  • Farashband Village
  • Stay with Nomads
  • Ardashir Sasanid Palace in Firuz Abad
12 Shiraz
  • Full day city tour in Shiraz
  • Have lunch in an Iranian traditional restaurant
  • O/N: Shiraz
  • Pink Mosque
  • Arg of Karim Khani
  • Vakil Mosque
  • Vakil Bathhouse
  • Vakil Bazaar
  • Eram Garden
  • Tomb of Hafez
13 Shiraz Airport
  • It’s time to leave Iran
  • You will be transferred to the airport depending on your flight time



  •  Travel Insurance                                                                                                     
  •  All domestic transportations                                                      
  •  Professional Guide and Driver 
  •  13 nights accommodation
  •  Hot/Cold beverages


  •  International Flight
  •   Meals
  •   Tips
  •    Visa


Spring, Summer, Autumn

Min Age:  5 years

Max No of passengers: 7

Activity Level: Moderate 






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