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10 Days 

Geographically, the plateau of Iran embraces the most science desert on earth. The Lut desert and the central desert (Dashte Kavir) are tow major hyper-arid regions due to adjacency to subtropical belts.covering an area of over 360000 square kilometres, mostly located in the central parts of Iran. Exciting safaris tours through majestic landscapes and along these caravan routes have proved to be the most efficient way of enjoying the glorious nature of Iran. Lut desert tour will take you to various sand dunes of Lut, breathtaking Kalut formations and destinations like Shahdad, Mahan, Yalan area, Kerman and amazing Yazd. Led by a professional guide and a driver, you’ll enjoy your epic desert adventure at Lut desert.

DaysCity-RouteItineraryMust-see sites
1Tehran-KermanFlight to Iran, after arrival in Tehran, transfer to the hotel. in the evening flight to Kerman. Overnight stay in Kerman or Mahan.we will meet the Expedition Team and will listen to the briefing for the upcoming tour.(Depends on the flight time) Iran Bastan Museum, Golestan Palace, Grand Bazaar of Tehran
2Kerman-Mahan-Shahdadwe will leave Kerman to Mahan at 9 am. Leaving the main road and entering the dirt road, we will drive for 10 km. During this time, from Mahan to this point( 10km in the dirt road), no pit stop is allowed. We will have lunch in the desert and visit Zabane Mar Canyon. At night, we will camp in a safe and suitable area in Shahdad.Desert,Zaban-e Mar Canyon, cypress,kalout(kalut is a phenomenon caused by wind erosion) ,nebka, sandy hills, Malek abad caravansary.
3Shahdad-DehsalmAfter breakfast, we will move to Dehsalm village, The Village of Dehsalam is located in the City of Nehbandan. Dehsalm rural village is green in the desert is known for its lush palm groves. Overnight in Dehsalm.Dehsalm village, Miniature mountains, water springs
4DehsalmIn the morning (8 am) after breakfast,   we start hiking for almost 2 hours heading for the star-shaped sand dunes. We will have a safari on the star-shaped sand dunes and will have lunch by them.we will camp in a safe and suitable area. Sandboarding in the huge dunes
5Dehsalm-Nehbandan-Khan Sharaf-ZabolIn the morning after breakfast, we will pass the Lut desert plain and we head for Yallan sand dunes. we will head to Khan sharaf village and then to Zabol. Overnight stay in Zabol.Safari, Sandboarding, skiing, visiting Khan sharaf village and its attractions.
6Zabol-ZahedanAfter breakfast, we eave Zabol  after visiting Dahane gholaman (is the modern name of a major Achaemenid center and archaeological site in eastern Iran .we drive to Zahedan   Dahane Gholaman, Malki mosque
7Zahedan-Shahe Soukhte-Bam After breakfast, we will visit Shahre soukhte (is an archaeological site of a sizable Bronze Age urban settlement, associated with the Jiroft culture.) and after having lunch, in Zahedan, we move to Bam. Overnight in Bam Share soukhte
8Bam-Rayen ,Mahanafter breakfast, we visit Bam Castle and Rayen Castle. and we go to Mahan. Overnight stay in Mahan.Bam castle, Rayen castle, Shazdeh Garden, Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine
9Mahan-MehrizAfter breakfast, we will drive toward Mehriz visiting Zeyn o din caravansary. Overnight stay in MehrizZeyn o din caravansary, Pahlavan pour Garden, Gate of Farafar
10Mehriz-YazdEarly morning we will leave Mehriz and move to Yazd. Full city tour in Yazd.Overnight in YazdAmir chakhmaq Complex, Jameh Mosque, Dowlat Abad Garden, Iskandar Parison, Fahadan area, Zoroastrian fire temple
11Yazd-Tehran-IKATransfer to the airport, flight to Tehran. Depends on your return flight time transfer to IKAFlight back home, departure



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