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one day isfahan

≤ 1 Day ≥
Isfahan, among those rare places, such as Athens or Rome, which is the common refreshment of humanity. This is Iran’s number one tourist destination for good reason.

Birdwatching and Nature Tour of Iran

≤ 8 Days ≥
In this exciting tour we strive to offer natural bird watching and nature tours in Gorgan, Miankaleh protected the area, Kavir National Park and Matin Abad area.

One day Shiraz

Celebrated as the heartland of Persian culture for more than 2000 years, Shiraz has become synonymous with education, nightingales, poetry, and wine. It was one of the more important cities

Persian Gastronomic Tour

≤ 7 Days ≥
The national Iranian cuisine is considered one of the most ancient in the world, it is authentic and original. Today we’d like to offer you a fascinating

Discovering Bakhtiari Culture

≤ 3 Days ≥
In this nomadic tour, you will enjoy the original nature of Zagros Mountain, the second-highest in Iran, near heads of Dez River and you will be deeply

Persia on Meals (it’s poetry on a plate)

Food is a wonderful vehicle for discovering Iran with its fabulous regional produce featuring in stews, rice dishes, kebabs and desserts. Imagine a verdant, landscape filled with rice paddies, tea plantations

Tour della fauna selvatica dell’Iran

≤13 giorni ≥
L’Iran Wildlife Tour è un tour emozionante per gli avventurieri. Unisciti a uno degli entusiasmanti viaggi in Iran per visitare la fauna selvatica naturale. Dopo aver visitato

Islamic Pilgrim Tour

≤ 10Days ≥
A tour to Iran is a journey across the ancient legacies left behind by the wealthy and powerful Persian kingdoms plus the massive domes and tall minarets decorated

Iran Nomad Tour

≤ 13 Days ≥
About 2 million Iranian from several different ethnic groups still live a nomadic existence, travelling with thair goats in spring and autumn in search of pasture Qashqa’i

Lut Desert Tour

≤ 10 Days ≥
Geographically, the plateau of Iran embraces the most science desert on earth. The Lut desert and the central desert (Dashte Kavir) are tow major hyper-arid regions due to adjacency

Dizin Ski Resort To Maranjab Desert

≤ 10 Days ≥
Imagine only on one trip you can ski on the slopes of Alborz mountain and at Dizin Ski Resort and also explore the Maranjab desert with a


≤8 Days≥
Nowadays travel to Iran is very fashionable among travel lovers and those interested in exploring an exotic destination. Through Iran tours, you can explore the land of ancient

2 Days Isfahan Tour, Half of the World

≤ 2 Days ≥
Isfahan, among those rare places, like Athens or Rome, which is the common refreshment of humanity. This is Irans number one tourist destination for good reason. Its

1 Day Kashan Tour

Kashan, where you can explore the Bazaar, check out the Qajar-era traditional houses and chill out in the fin Garden. This delightful oasis city on the edge of the Dashte-

Tehran in 2 Days

This tour runs many times a year. You can practically join us any time you think you can be in Iran. In this tour, you can see the main highlights

Iran at a Glance

<5 Days>
A short trip through the three major cities of IRAN to get a very nice experience of the beauty of IRAN. If you don’t have a long holiday,

Iran Highlights Tour

<11 Days>
The tour will begin and end in Tehran. a trip in which you will visit cities of Iran – from the capital to the most ancient ones –


Classic Cultural Tour

 ­<8 days­>
Let the ancient civilization and majesty of Persia embrace you on an exciting tour around Iran. This highly professional package invites you to see a number of  UNESCO World


Il tour classico dell’antica Persia

Tehran , Shiraz , Isfahan , Abyaneh , Kashan

Il tour delle Magie dell’Iran – 10 notti indimenticabili

Teheran , Shiraz , Yazd , Isfahan


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This is Iran’s number one

Geographically located in the southwest of Asia in the Middle East, Iran is a country which is geo strategically important for the entire world. The importance of Iran among other countries is not limited to its geographical location and politics; this country enjoys a magnificent rich culture and is among the very first civilization in the history. In addition, the natural traits of this vast land also play an important role in many aspects. Join us on the following essay to get familiar with Iran and its attractions.
Regarding the history of Iran, we should take into consideration that whether we mean the history of the people who has lived inside the boarders of Iran since the advent of human being or the people who called themselves Iranians and were living in the territory which consists of Today’s boarders and the ancient lands called Iran Shahr. Sometimes, the history of Iran is recognized by the time Aryans entered this land, it is also important to mention that this land is named after these people, but that does not mean that the Iran plateau was empty before that and no one has lived inside it; before the arrival of Aryans in Iran, many ancient civilizations had lived in this land and some were also living. For instance the civilization of Shahr-e Sukhte in Sistan, Elamid Civilization in North Khuzestan, Jiroft Civilization in Kerman, Sialk Civilization in Kashan, Urartu Civilization in Azerbaijan, Giyan Civilization in Nahavand and Kassites Civilization in today’s called Lorestan are all the proof for the existence of life in Iran plateau before the arrival of Aryans.
We could say that Elamid were the biggest civilization of Iran before the Aryans which their kingdom were in the south west of Iran, their capital was a city called Shush which their remnants are still available there.
Aryans were a large group of people with light skin which their primary land expanded from the north of the Clack Sea and Caspian to the Seyhun and Jeyhun Rivers. Later, a part of them moved to Europe and another part moved to Iran and India; in the history books, the Aryan arrival dates back to 2000 BC.
The ancient Iran history is from the kingdom of Medes to the Arab invasion to Iran and the downfall of Sassanid dynasty.
Achaemenid Dynasty is probably the most famous era during the Iran history before the advent of Islam by the devastating Arab invasion. During that era, Iran enjoyed the summit of the human rights which are still awes of the world. The ruins of Pasargadae, Persepolis and Naghsh-e Rostam in Today’s Shiraz are all the proves of that magnificent Iran.
After the advent of Islam, many changes have been applied on the social, religious and political aspects of Iran. Since then, many different dynasties have ruled Iran and Iran has experienced many different burdens and happiness as well. Some of these important events were the Mongolian attack to Iran during the kingdom of Abbasid, the indecency of Iran and constitution revolution in other eras and the Islamic revolution that was the end of Pahlavi Dynasty and finally the eight year lasting war between Iran and Iraq.
Talking about culture, Iran is among those countries that benefit from a very rich culture and most of the ancient traditions are still alive among Iranians. Some cultural factors of Iranians that also were transferred to land outside of the Iran boarders are the rhythmic Persian Language, national festivals and celebrations such as Nowruz, Yalda and the solar timing, Iranian philosophy, Zoroastrian religion and other religious schools, Iran arts especially Persian literature and poetry, Iranian architecture and Persian food, the nomadic and local cultures of different nomads and tribes in Iran and Persian traditional music.
Iranians are famous all around the world for their rich culture and their hard trying to keep their culture safe and alive. Many different food festivals considering Iranian cuisine both in Iran and other countries by Iranians are some examples. It is not only in this case, traditional Iranian music concerts in Iran and in other parts of the world, different exhibitions showing Persian arts such as carpet weaving, Persian calligraphy and Persian painting are other examples. The Persian architecture is an important section of the world famous museums which prove its importance and magnificence.
Apart from the history and culture of Iran, the natural beauties of Iran are also very important. Since the country is big, each part of it enjoys a special climate and that leads o the existence of many unique phenomenon in each and every part. For example different types of animals and plants species in north and south and west and east of Iran would amaze any nature lovers. Some other unique natural beauties of Iran locating all over this country are for example the Martian Mountain in chabahar, the hyrcani jungles in north of Iran, the hottest part of the world, Gandom Beryan in Lut Desert, the heaven of geologist, Badab Sort and hundreds of others.
All that have been mentioned are only a small collection of Iran’s unique features. Because of all these features, many travelers travel to Iran every year to visit them. Almost all these tourists start their trip to Iran maybe by a bit of wordiness because of the impact of media but at the end they all leave this country will full satisfaction. We highly recommend you to not to miss this chance because once visiting Iran would leave you with an unforgettable memory of trip. We, in Persia Top Travel Agency, are eager to assist you during your Iran tour withal the travel services you need. Our travel agency would be happy to have the honor of showing Iran to avid tourists and culture and nature and history lovers from all around the world. Join us and book your trip to Iran and all you need during your journey. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need further information or any help.